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Integrity Lead-based Paint Services

A LEAD-BASED PAINT INSPECTION tells you the lead content of every painted surface inside and outside your home. It won't tell you whether the paint is a hazard or how you should deal with it.

A RISK ASSESSMENT tells you if there are any sources of serious lead exposure (such as peeling paint and lead dust). It also tells you what actions to take to address these hazards.

A CLEARANCE EXAMINATION is a visual examination and collection of environmental samples and analysis by an accredited laboratory upon completion of an abatement project, interim control intervention, or maintenance job that disturbs lead-based paint.

In addition, we are also licensed to perform demolition, remediation, and abatement.

You have the ultimate responsibility for the safety of your family, tenants, or children in your care. This means properly preparing for the renovation and keeping persons out of the work area. It also means ensuring the contractor uses lead-safe work practices.

Beginning April 2010, Federal law requires that contractors performing renovation, repair and painting projects that disturb lead-based paint in homes, child care facilities and schools built before 1978 to be certified and follow specific work practices to prevent lead contamination. The new laws cover any project disturbing more than 6 square feet of interior painted surfaces (2 sq.ft. if HUD) or 20 square feet of exterior painted surfaces.

We are FULLY CERTIFIED to renovate, repair, or paint your home!

If you are already working with a contractor and have found Lead Contaminated Material, we have demolition crews which can remove the hazardous material, clean the site to EPA standards, and hand the jobsite back to your contractor to finish the project. We are also a Licensed Lead Abatement Firm.

For more information, check out the EPA's website!


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